Finland makes no exception in countries where Facebook is strong. Five and a half million Finns, 2.3 million of them were registered Facebook users in June 2015. Overall, a little over 50% of Finns spend their time on social media.

When marketing in Finland, marketers have to remember that being local and native is the key to success. Despite the fact that Finns are overall very bilingual, advertising and content marketing seems distant to Finns if not conducted in their native tongue.

We offer native Finnish content marketing for Facebook and for other social media platforms. We can also help with advertising.

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Facebook content marketing and advertising

When Facebook marketing, we need to remember to split our strategy in two pieces – the content strategy and the advertising strategy. With Facebook’s algorithm leaning more and more into pay-to-play, some advertising budget needs to be set aside when devising a Facebook strategy.

From a content marketing standpoint we need to create value for the customers. We need to figure out what kind of content they are willing to share and discuss about. People comment and share the content if they feel it is valuable. It’s also a two-way street, where the company needs to engage as well with the potential/existing customers.

When advertising Facebook offers a huge amount of data for marketers. With Facebook advertising we can reach just the customer segment you are interested in. We can target Facebook advertising based on for example age, location, interests and behaviours.

Facebook also offers great tools for measuring how well the advertising has worked. You can see how many people have seen your ad, how much traffic your ad brought to your website and what is the price for online store conversions. Facebook offers the best tools in digital advertising and when used in an optimal manner, Facebook advertising is highly effective.

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