We help your employees to understand social media strategy.


We take care of your social media and customer service for you.


We make targeted social media advertising in multiple channels.


Our tailored social media training adapts to your company’s needs. Whether you’re starting at the grassroots level or are already an expert looking for an update with the latest twists and turns, we help you to master the social media world. We can train individuals or teams for example in Facebook advertising or in Instagram content marketing.

Advertising in social media

Real time advertising in social media also enables testing and optimization. In addition to strong targeting options, these are the core strengths of social media advertising. Using a small part of the budget to see what is effective and using the majority of the budget to what is found to give the best results.

Upkeeping social channels

Interesting conversations arise daily in social media, and it is important to take part in them. Companies have to be prepared to recognise and react to these current phenomenon and hot potatoes. This is possible through social media call on duty. Then you know what are the right topics and what to grasp onto.

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