Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. The platform was founded in 2011 and it’s usage has exploded quickly, also in Finland. Snapchat does not have any representation in Europe yet and advertising is not possible in Finland quite yet.Snapchat as a platform can still be very useful for companies, since the disappearing content in just a few seconds gets a 100 percent focus from its users. Promotional campaigns and collaborations with social media influencers are a good fit for B2C companies on Snapchat.

At the moment Snapchat marketing is done through content marketing or influencer marketing, where a product or a service emerges through the influencers.

Using influencers on Snapchat brings the company’s message to the fan’s eyes authentically and in a native way to the platform. People see behind the scenes of the they follow on Snapchat and that adds trust towards the brand. If an influencer tells he likes a product, the information will be seen much more trustworthy than if coming straight from the brand.

A few companies, for example shopping center Kamppi and MTV, have been forerunners in Snapchat content marketing in Finland. The user base of Snapchat is fairly young so Snapchat is an excellent medium to reach teenagers. Their main focus is on Snapchat right now.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat differs from other social media channels radically by showing the content at the mobile device’s screen only a few seconds. Disappearing content gets the attention of the users. Public MyStory snaps can be replayed as many times as you like for 24 hours. The secret of Snapchat’s popularity is its authenticity. The moments are recorded as they are, since one cannot edit them much in Snapchat.

One can surely stand out by drawing or using emoji’s creatively. Other photo editing possibilities are slim in Snapchat. Photos or videos cannot be cropped, not even contrast can be added. People and companies come as they are on Snapchat.

Snapchat facts

  • Snapchat reports over 100 million monthly users worldwide
  • Snapchat was the third most used social media platform in 2014
  • In 2014 the growth of Snapchat was 57%
  • The valuation of the company is estimated to be in the ballpark of 15 billion
  • 58% of U.S college students would buy a product from a brand that send them a Snapchat coupon
  • 1% of marketers used Snapchat in 2014.

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